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ISO 7816 Part 2: Dimensions and Location of the Contacts

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ISO 7816 [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part4]

ISO 7816 part 2 defines the dimensions and location of the contacts. This part includes standards about number, function and position of the electrical contacts.

The integrated circuit card (ICC) has 8 electrical contacts. They are referred to as C1 through C8. However, not all 8 contacts are electrically connected to the embedded microprocessor chip and therefore remain unused.

The following table contains the contact definition according to ISO7816-2:

Contact Designation Use
C1 Vcc Power connection through which operating power is supplied to the microprocessor chip in the card
C2 RST Reset line through which the IFD can signal to the smart card's microprocessor chip to initiate its reset sequence of instructions
C3 CLK Clock signal line t hrough which a clock signal can be provided to the microprocessor chip. This line controls the operation speed and provides a common framework for data communication between the IFD and the ICC
C4 RFU Reserved for future use
C5 GND Ground line providing common electrical ground between the IFD and the ICC
C6 Vpp Programming power connection used to program EEPROM of first generation ICCs.
C7 I/O Input/output line that provides a half-duplex communication channel between the reader and the smart card
C8 RFU Reserved for future use

NOTE: Some smart cards issued before 1990 were adherent to a different standard for the contact location and therefore can't be used with today's ISO7816-2 compliant smart card readers. These cards were deployed primarily in Europe.

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